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Partnerships and Consultants

Always in the direction to offering optimum service to our customers, we keep partnerships with reputed international legal offices.

Both in Europe, as well as in East Europe, nominated in France, Belgium and Romania, our customers can count on the support of our local partners, always under the supervision and the narrow accompaniment of our office in Portugal.

In the Americas and Africa, also the Portuguese Communities, among others, can make use of our widened professional services.

Due to the importance and the complexity of many of the processes trusted to us, and being frequent the consultations to abilities and specializations that exceed the area of the Right, we make use of protocols with companies and experts in the most diverse fields, such as:

- Technical Examinations
- Consulting on Evaluation and Assets Management
- Consulting on Accounting and Financial Management
- Domicile and Consulting for Enterprises - DOMUS LEGAL -

We also make use of an enlarged selection of jurisconsults which we frequent appeal for the elaboration of legal opinions and sentences in areas of their respective specialty.